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Siemens (Formerly Efficient Networks) - SpeedStream 3060

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Modem Configuration Page Address(es): N/A

Modem Default IP Address(es): N/A

ATM OAM Loopback cell (ATM Ping): N/A

Connection Types:
  • RJ-11
  • PCI Slot (This is an Internal PCI DSL Modem)

Status Lights:

  • Single LED
    • Off - Computer is powered off, no DSL line was detected, or the drivers are not installed
    • Solid Yellow - Powering up and/or firmware is being downloaded
    • Blinking Yellow - Modem is in maintenance state, this occurs with a new firmware download or during factory testing
    • Solid Green - Modem is functional, ADSL line is connected, and ATM cell delineation is present
    • Blinking Green - Modem has passed Power-on Self Test (POST), and the ADSL line is attempting to train
    • Blinking Yellow/Green - Modem has passed Power-on Self Test (POST), and the modem is looking for tone on the ADSL line
    • Solid Red - Hardware failure

Misc Notes:

Install/Setup Information
  • The Windows 95/98 Network Control Panel should contain the following components:
    • Client for Microsoft Networks
    • Dial-up Adapter (sometimes required)
    • ENI 3060 SpeedStream (01) RFC 1483 Ethernet PVC Client
    • TCP/IP -> Dial-up Adapter
    • TCP/IP -> ENI 3060 SpeedStream (01) RFC 1483 Ethernet PVC Client
  • How to install the PCI Modem driver in Windows 9x/ME
    • At startup, the Add New Hardware Wizard will come up and display "PCI ATM Controller" and click Next. (If the Add New Hardware wizard does not appear at startup, see "Plug-N-Play does not recognize the 3060").
    • Select "Search for the best driver for your device" and click Next.
    • Select the "Specify a location" option and click browse. Navigate to the folder where the drivers are located, click OK, and click Next.
    • It will display that "Windows is now ready to install the best drivers for the device" (file name is EN60C.inf), click Next.
    • "Thank you for purchasing SpeedStream" will then be displayed, click Next.
    • "Select Default VPI" dialog will open, enter the # according to your ISP's settings and click Next.
    • "Finished retrieving installation information" will be displayed, click Finish. (Files will be copied from the Windows CD.)
    • Finally, the window will display that "Windows has finished installing the software that your new hardware requires", click Finish.
    • Restart the computer when prompted and you are finished.
Troubleshooting Information
  • If a proper installation of the SpeedStream driver was preformed, but the 3060 never trains to the DSLAM try replacing the RJ-11 cable.
  • When the PC goes into sleep mode (due to Advanced Power Management) the 3060 will cease to function. To resolve this you must reboot your computer. To prevent this from happening you must turn off the Advanced Power Management service.
  • If the 3060 trains to the DSLAM but the cannot ping the gateway, open Advanced Status (CTRL+ALT+A) and check the Connections/PDU tab to make sure the settings are correct. If so, try to ping the gateway and watch the PDU transmit and receive. If the transmit increases, but receive doesn’t the DSLAM may have incorrect VPI/VCI settings or the Router may not be in bridged Ethernet mode.
  • Plug-N-Play does not recognize the 3060.
    • Make certain that the motherboard has busmaster support.
    • Right-click the My Computer icon on the desktop and left click on Properties. Click the Device Manager tab > Click View Devices by Type > Select the SpeedStream 3060 (you should see a yellow exclamation point next to it) > Click the Remove button > Click OK. You may also have to remove appropriate files from the registry in the event of registry entry corruption.
    • Remove the 3060 from System Properties > Insert your Toolkit CD-ROM > Click the Start button on your desktop and select Run > In the Open field, type your CD-ROM drive letter followed by \tools\3060\cln3060; for example, type d:\tools\3060\cln3060 > Click OK > Reboot your PC.
  • If the 3060 is trained to the DSLAM, but the server cannot be reached, try releasing and renewing the IP Address. If this does not fix the issue, try a reboot. If still presists, engage in normal Not Moving Data issue troubleshooting.
  • If the 3060 loses sync when a phone is picked up, check to make certain the correct cable is plugged into the correct side of the Line Filter. If so, try using a different Line Filter as the current one in use may be broken.

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