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Toshiba - PCX 2500

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Product Type: Cable Modem

Model Name: DAZ8821F/S

Cable Type: Docsis 1.1

Port Standard(s): 10BaseT

Manufacturer's Website:

Modem Page:

User Guide:

Data Sheet:

Screenshots: N/A

Modem Configuration Page Address(es):

Modem Default IP Address(es):

Connection Types:

Status Lights:

(Powering up - indicates when modem is first plugged into a power source)
(Normal use - indicates when the modem has finished initialization and is ready to allow an Internet connection)
  • Cable Light
    • Off (Powering up) - Modem has not finished initialization and not found downstream
    • Off (Normal use) - No cable service to modem, check lines and possible ISP outages
    • Flashing (Powering up) - Slow, once per second, flash indicates modem is searching for downstream
    • Flashing (Powering up) - Fast or rapid flash indicates the modem is searching for the upstream
    • Flashing (Normal use) - Fast and/or slow means the modem has lost the signal, likely bad signal levels or ISP outage
    • On (Normal use) - Modem maintaining connection
  • PC Light
    • Off (Powering up) - Modem has not completed initialization
    • Off (Normal use) - USB cable is not connected to Modem or PC
    • Off (Normal use) - USB drivers are not installed on PC
    • Off (Normal use) - Ethernet cable is not connected to Modem or PC
    • On (Normal use) - USB drivers installed and connection is working
    • On (Normal use) - Ethernet cable connection is working
  • Data Light
    • Off (Powering up) - Modem has not sync'd to ISP and no data transfer
    • Off (Normal use) - No data transer to or from modem
    • Flashing (Normal use) - Data being transfered and connection is working
  • Test Light
    • Off (Powering up & Normal use) - Modem has completed self test and working correctly
    • Flashing (Powering up) - Modem is preforming self test
    • On (Powering up & Normal use) - Modem has failed self test, likely bad modem and customer will need to contact Toshiba or place modem was purchased
  • Power Light
    • Off - Power cable is unplugged or plugged in non working electrical outlet
    • On - Modem has power

Misc Notes:

- When working the lights will look like:
  • Cable, PC, and Power lights will be solid green
  • Data light will flash when accessing the Internet
- Normal Acceptable Signal Levels:
  • TX (8 to 55)
  • RX (-15 to 15) Ideal is 0
  • SNR (Above 30)
- Main reasons for bad levels are too many splitters, loose connections, and damaged or low quality cables.

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